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part 2:
It is all about how our government collects money, mainly through taxation, and how they spend our taxes in governmental operations, programs and benefits. The decisions on how much taxing and how much spending is called fiscal policy. Fiscal Policy is all about managing our nation’s finances properly!

Our government, all three branches, have been making fiscal policy decisions that are very bad. And we as a citizen have to get our fiscal house in order through our elected and appointed officials. THERE ARE SOLUTIONS!

Two types of of spending: 1. Discretionary Spending. 2. Mandatory Spending (NO CONTROL and consists of about 60% of the Federal Budget, which includes Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid).

Q.) How bad has our National Debt gotten? A.)’07=161B, ’08=455B. ’09=1.42 Trillion! or 9.9% of our G.D.P.. (Figures from O.M.B.) What does a Trillion Dollars look like?